Conker Championships saved

A delivery of chestnuts from the south of England has saved the annual Scottish Conker Championships

Scottish Conker Championship saved

An 11th hour delivery of chestnuts has meant the Scottish Conker Championships will go ahead.The annual event was cancelled after a shortage of quality chestnuts.100 competitors are due to take part.

World champion Ady Hurrell and his brother Maurice has stepped in and offered to bring a a load of Cambridgeshire's best chestnuts to Scotland.Chris Sawyers of Borders Forest Trust said:

"We are delighted that Ady and Maurice have stepped forward to help us out."Although the event will now be known as the unofficial championship, it is great news that it is going ahead and the brothers haveeven offered to run it for us."

– Chris Sawyers

Maurice said:

"It is so important to keep these competitions alive."We have loved our trips to Peebles so as soon as we heard of the crisis we decided to step in."

– Maurice Hurrell

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