Man refused entry on bus because of e-cigarette

A man from Dumfries was refused entry onto a Stagecoach bus, because he had an electric cigarette in his mouth. The driver told him he wouldn't be allowed to travel until he put it away.

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Dumfries man refused entry onto Stagecoach bus

A man from Locharbriggs in Dumfries was refused entry onto a bus after trying to board whilst holding an electric cigarette.

62-year-old Ray Nicholson suffers from a debilitating lung disease called emphysema and has been smoking for nearly 50 years.

Ray began smoking at the age of 12, and has been struggling to stub out the habit for years.

His health has suffered as a result, but he's now managed to stop - with help from electric cigarettes.

He uses them on trains, in cafés and in the pub- but was refused entry onto a Stagecoach bus when he tried to board with one in his mouth.

The company who make the E-cigarettes say that they can be used anywhere - indoors or outdoors - in any place where tobacco cigarettes are not allowed.

"My son and I, and my son's girlfriend got on the Locharbriggs bus and I had this electric cigarette in my mouth when I was getting on the bus and the bus driver said to me, I'm not letting you on if you're using that, you'll have to put it away.

"Nobody's breaking the law by using them and why try and discourage people from using them if they're helping them to stop smoking. "

– Ray Nicholson

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