Paraglider rescue

The Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team were called out to rescue a paraglider who was stuck on ice, near the summit of Grasmoor.

Whilst they were making their way to the paraglider, a second call came from a lady who had slipped and injured her leg.

The 53-year-old lady from the north east, slipped whilst climbing down a steep embankment on her way down from Robison to Buttermere Moss.

The team treated her before she was carried down on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance.

The casualty and team members under the tent sac, staying warm, whilst the stretcher is being assembled. Credit: CMRT
A CMRT member making notes on the casualty’s condition. Credit: CMRT

The stranded paraglider was uninjured but had to be lowered down snow slopes in the Red Gill area of Grasmoor.

A team member in front of the casualty is assisting by cutting steps. Credit: CMRT

19 member of the CMRT attended the two callouts, and the Keswick mountain rescue team assisted with the second rescue.