Police advice for driving in icy conditions

Advice on how to drive in icy and challenging conditions has been issued by Cumbria police

Safety advice for motorists

  • Plan your journey
  • Check local & national weather forecasts and tune into local radio stations for road conditions and closures
  • Tell someone an estimated arrival time. Ensure you have a charged mobile phone
  • Make sure you have warm clothes, food, boots and a torch anda snow shovel.
  • Defrost car fully before setting off, carry a screen scraper and de-icer

If you have an accident, break-down or become stuck in bad weather conditions:

  • Don't use a mobile while driving. Stop somewhere safe or ask a passenger to call
  • On a motorway, use a roadside emergency telephone, the emergency services and breakdown recovery services can locate you easily. If using a mobile get your location from the marker posts on the hard shoulder.