Fire service issue frozen water warning

Cumbria County Council's Fire and Rescue Service is warning people of the potentially fatal consequences of venturing onto frozen lakes, rivers and ponds.

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Pictures: Penrith fire rescue exercise

Penrith fire and rescue service are urging the public to stay off frozen water during the winter months.

They've been carrying out a rescue exercise on a frozen lake in Penrith, to highlight the dangers of people playing on ice.

Practise rescue on the ice Credit: ITV Border
The team practise working on frozen water Credit: ITV Border
Fire service member awaiting rescue Credit: ITV Border

Conrad Leather is the station manager at Penrith fire and rescue and is warning people that it's not just children who have to be wary frozen water:

"We need parents to realise that it's very dangerous for the kids but it's also dangerous for adults. The ice we have been practising on is thick, but a lot of the time, ice is thinner than it looks."

A frozen lake outside of Penrith Credit: ITV Border
Ice may appear thick, but could be fragile Credit: ITV Border

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