Thieves raid Lockerbie community farm

Thieves have stolen £600 worth of heating fuel from a Mossburn community farm outside Lockerbie.

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Farm manager describes raiders as 'thieves with no conscience'

Farm manager Juanita Wilson was left angry and disappointed by the theft.

She said that the charity is already finding it hard with a rise in animal food costs, and now they will have to pay insurance excess:

"We’re not just sure what will happen but even if we only get £100 back it will be something.

"It is a big blow for us at a time when we have to feed all the animals inside, the price of most feed is going up and there is no grass at all.

“We don’t provide the animals with central heating but it is for the house, the house for accommodation for one of the workers, public loos and to provide hot water for mixing the food for the animals."

“So you can imagine just what sort of Christmas we had thanks to these people.”

– Farm manager Juanita Wilson

Heating engineers were called out to the farm, and discovered that sludge had been sucked up, meaning further damage may have been caused.

"We’ve now managed to get the heating back on but it has left us well out of pocket at a time when we can least afford it.

“The police were really great but unfortunately we are not the only people who have had the same thing happen to them.”

– Farm manager Juanita Wilson

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