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WEATHER: Cold snap kicks in

Dumfries sunrise Credit: YVONNE LIND

Overnight: Dry with patches of mist and fog. Widespread frost. Lows in rural spot down to minus 3, maybe lower in shelter.

Thursday: A cold but rather cloudy day with a few lingering fog patches. Best chance of any sunshine in the west. Temperatures struggling to get much higher than 4/5C

Overnight into Friday cloud thickens and light rain and drizzle moves in from the northeast. This could bring a light covering of snow over hills and a few icy patches by Friday morning.

The weekend turns even colder as air originating from Scandinavia moves in from the east. This will gather moisture off the North Sea and bring wintry showers to the east. Western parts should be drier but bitterly cold - daytime high 3C. Overnight lows down to minus 6.

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