Farmers concern after horse meat found in beef burgers

Farmers in the Scottish Borders have raised concerns after traces of horse and pig DNA were found in beef burgers sold in UK supermarkets.

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Horse meat in burgers "damages reputation of food industry"

Commenting on the discovery of horse meat found in supermarket burgers, NFU Scotland Communications Director Bob Carruth said:

Scottish farmers will continue to supply the food chain in the firm and justifiable belief that all meat that goes into a beef burger should be beef. Consumers expect no less. The undisclosed inclusion of horsemeat in some value beef burgers damages the reputation of our food industry and must prompt an immediate investigation of supply chains in place at home and abroad.

While assurances on the safety of the product have been provided,consumers buying such beef burgers have been seriously misled on the quality and provenance of their food.

That is a spectacular own goal for parts of our food sector and doesn't reflect on the fantastic job being done by Scottish beef farmers in providing the market with fresh, tasty, traceable, assured beef.

– Bob Carruth, NFU Scotland

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