Christmas domestic violence figures

Half of all reported domestic violence incidents in Cumbria over Christmas were alcohol related.

Half of all Christmas domestic violence cases were alcohol related

More than half of all reported domestic violence incidents from across Cumbria over the Christmas period, were alcohol related.

The figures, released by Cumbria police, show that there were 950 reports of domestic violence between 19th November and 6th January, with 498 of them related to alcohol.

In December alone, 612 domestic violence incidents were reported to police, compared to 552 in 2011.

"We know that domestic violence can be chronically under-reported so although an increase in violence of any kind is very worrying, the rise in the number of incidents we recorded may also be encouraging if it meant that more people had the confidence to pick up the phone and ask for help.

"What is very concerning - although not that surprising - is that more than half of the incidents police were called to had escalated as a result of too much alcohol."

– Detective Chief Inspector Mike Forrester, Cumbria Police

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