Borders MP "deeply concerned" about court closures

An MP from the Borders has written to the Justice Secretary Kenny MacKaskill to express his concerns about possible court closures in the Borders.

This is the second time that Michael Moore has done so, the first being after plans were proposed to close courts in Duns, Selkirk and Peebles.

The Borders MP believes that the plans could reduce the speed of, and accessibility to justice for victims of crime in the region.

The Scottish Court Service has since decided to keep the Selkirk Court open but plans remain to close those in Peebles and Duns.

A consultation was launched on these proposals and closed at the end of last month - the findings of which are due to be published in the spring.

Should the SCS decide to recommend court closures following the consultation, the final decision would be made by the Scottish Parliament.

“While I welcome that the proposal to close the court in Selkirk was not included in the consultation, I am still deeply concerned about the plan to close the court at Duns.

Such a move would restrict access to justice for local people and cut a service that delivers local, accessible and efficient justice to communities across Berwickshire.

This is why I am fully backing the campaign to save the court and I will do all I can to prevent this closure from coming to fruition."

– Michael Moore, MP

“Last year a number of my constituents contacted me about this issue and I wrote to Kenny MacAskill.

Having received further letters of concern from local groups and individuals in Berwickshire, I have written again to Mr MacAskill this week to once again express my grave concerns about these plans.”

– Michael Moore, MP