Seal makes a dash for it

The Scottish SPCA has rescued an adventurous seal pup found during the stormy weather in Stranraer last week.

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Seal pup 'is doing well' say wildlife experts

Experts at the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), National Wildlife Rescue Centre say that a seal pup rescued after being washed up near Stranraer is responding well.

SSPCA Wildlife assistant Kaniz Hayat is one of those looking after seven week old Smartie.

She confirmed that the Grey seal pup was infected with worms which might be one reason it ended up being found by workers at the Cairnryan port.

The animal is beginning to regain weight and is likely to reach its release weight of between 30 to 35 kilos in one months time.

"Smartie is doing very well and we are pleased with her progress.

"It's probably due to her illness that she didn't want to go back into the water and why she appeared to be friendly when approached."

– Kaniz Hayat, Wildlife assistant, SSPCA

The animal centre also confirmed that Smartie is a female.

She is likely to be put back into the wild at Aberdour in Fife where the SSPCA have made a number of sucessful releases.

However, they have not ruled out putting her back into the sea near where she was found.

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