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Wood you believe it?

A student from Galashiels has invented a special pair of jeans- made from wood.

Dawn Ellams, a PHD researcher at Heriot-Watt University's School of Textiles and Design, made the jeans from sustainable wood fibres instead of cotton.

The jeans feel like ordinary cotton, but require much less water, energy and chemicals than standard jeans.

They also look like the real thing, as Dawn also deisgned a stone-washed digital effect to visually create a denim look on the textile.

Her research and development of the jeans has highlighted key areas where manufacturers can save on water and carbon emissions.

"The sustainability issues associated with the manufacturing of cotton garments are already well understood, yet the use of cotton shows no sign of diminishing.

"The research challenged the design and manufacture of denim jeans, probably the most iconic use of cotton.

"The overall aim was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water use associated with conventional manufacturing for denim jeans."

– Dawn Ellams

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