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Wooden jeans could hit the high street

Dawn Ellams, who has invented a pair of 'wooden' jeans, hopes that the eco-jean could eventually hit the High Street.

"To look at an iconic product like the jeans, and as a designer think, how can I turn this on it's head, and re-invent it, and how the alternatives of design and making something better but still that is a jean, it was more challenging I think than difficult.

"They are a niche product, they are not going to replace the iconic jean, but there is a place in the market for it.

"If you are in a hotter climate they are perfect because they are light and breathable.

"It is definitely a viable option."

– Dawn Ellams

Business Development Manager of the School, Jim McVee, helped Dawn on the project.

"He said it is not just wood that material can be made from now: It is the trend to move towards regenerated fibres.

"We use anything we can now: wood, potato starch, even milk.

"There are loads of natural process which can be used to make fibre."

– Jim McVee, Business Development Manager, School of Textiles and Design

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