Sellafiled Policing unit to tackle speeding

Cumbria Constabulary’s Sellafield Policing Unit are tackling speeding and traffic offences on the commuter route to the site following complaints from local communities.

People living in Beckermet, Ennerdale, Kirkland and St.Bees have long highlighted that speeding is an issue.

Despite letters to staff from Sellafield Ltd, who own the site, feedback from villagers suggests a problem still exists.

A campaign to tackle the issue begins on Monday 11th February, jointly supported by Copeland police and the newly formed Sellafield Policing Unit.

“Our aim is to help reduce the amount of people who are seriously injured or killed on our roads. Speeding is a contributory factor in road related collisions and by tackling the problem now, we hope to prevent a serious collision which could result in someone being killed.

“We are working closely with officers from both Copeland and Sellafield Policing Unit as the road network which is being targeting is one of the the main commuter route for staff at Sellafield.

“Our aim is to send out a clear message, reduce your speed, pay full attention to the road when driving and maintain your vehicle."

– Sergeant Mike Quigley

It will run throughout the month, with officers situated in prime locations across on the roads with the aim of catching those who are speeding, using their mobile phones whilst driving or driving vehicles which are unfit to be on the roads.