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'An opt-out system would save thousands of lives' says BMA

Members of the British Medical Association (BMA) say that around 650 people in Scotland are currently on the waiting list for a transplant but some will die before they get the chance of a new organ.

The BMA has been campaigning for a soft opt-out system to be introduced, claiming the system could save or transform thousands of lives.

I wouldn't be here today without my transplant, so I am incredibly grateful to my donor family; their generosity saved my life.

"But I was one of the lucky ones - I received my transplant in time.

"I've also supported people through the waiting process who did not receive an organ in time, and that's been heartbreaking.

"So, you can see why I feel passionately about initiatives to address the organ shortage.

"An opt-out system would mean that more people could have their lives saved and transformed."

– Gill Hollis, who received a lung transplant

ITV's 'From the Heart' campaign has been encouraging people to consider joining the organ donor register.

Fewer than a third of people in the ITV Border region have signed up to the organ donor register.

If you want to join the organ donor register, you can find further information here.

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