'Frae Owwer Yonder' meat labelling launched

A food and drinks company from Cumbria has launched a new campaign to highlight the importance of buying locally sourced meat.

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'It's important for customers to know where their meat is from'

Caterlite had already developed the new 'Frae Owwer Yonder' branding before the latest scandal involving the discovery of horse meat in many high street meat products.

The director of the company, who was born and brought up in Cumbria, feels that it is now more important than ever to know where your meat is coming from:

"Our 'Frae Owwer Yonder' campaign was already well developed when the horsemeat scandal broke but it has highlighted the importance of providing reliable, locally-sourced produce, so our customers know for sure what they are buying - and their customers know exactly what they are eating.

“We have done a lot of work on our Lakeland Prime Cuts butchery department in the last 12 months and all of our beef, lamb and pork is now locally reared.

"We are committed to buying as much as is possible that has been reared in Cumbria.

“We really focus on the quality of our stock."

– Richard Fletcher, Director, Caterlite

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