North Cumbria Trust bottom of national survey

Only 35% of staff working at the hospitals in Carlisle and Whitehaven would recommend the treatment available there.

The NHS national survey of just over 100,000 staff members, found that of 161 NHS trusts in England, the North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust came bottom.

The Morecambe Bay Trust, which runs the hospitals in Kendal, Barrow and Lancaster also did badly, with only 49% of staff there recommending the treatment they offered.

In the survey, staff were asked to respond to the statement:

“If a friend or relative needed treatment, I would be happy with the standard of care provided by this organisation”

– NHS Staff Survey

...and had to say whether they strongly agreed, agreed, disagreed, strongly disagreed or had no view.

The figures published in the Daily Telegraph found that nationally, around 60% of NHS staff would recommend the treatment at their hospitals to friends and family.