Kendal College tackles 'No Smoking Day'

Students in Cumbria are being given advice on how to give up smoking as part of national 'No Smoking Day'.

The joint campaign between Kendal College and Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust is aiming to help students kick the habit by showing them the damaging effects of smoking with the help from a smartphone 'App'.

The smoking time machine app has been developed by members of the Cumbria Partnership Communications team and shows in graphic detail how old people will look after 10 or 20 years as a smoker.

"In spite of every effort to help some learners stop smoking by supplying free nicotine patches, and guidance; the addiction is difficult for them to cease.

"The new "App" created by the Cumbria NHS partnership is an excellent modern approach to give a learner some idea of what they will look like in years to come if they do not quit the habit.

"This is a brilliant, innovative concept which we fully endorse."

– Principal Graham Wilkinson, Kendal College