Lib Dems call for Single Police Force to 'Get back on Track'

The Scottish Government is being urged to get the single police force 'back on track' before it launches next month.

The Liberal Democrats say a power struggle between the Chief Constable and the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) over who will control staff in the new service has not been resolved.

Scotland's eight police forces will merge into one on April 1st.

Speaking ahead of a Holyrood Debate on this afternoon, Liberal Democrat Justice Spokeswoman Alison McInnes said:

"The power struggle with the SPA has been allowed to drag on for months with staff none the wiser over who will ultimately have responsibility for human resources or finances.

"I'm concerned that the ongoing battle of wills is going to hinder the new police force in carrying out its duties.

"Scottish Liberal Democrats are asking the Scottish Government to review whether the legislation could be amended now to ensure success for the new single force."

– Alison McInnes, Liberal Democrat Justice Spokeswoman