CSI comes to Penrith

A major police incident is being investigated near Penrith - but only for the benefit of forensic science students at the University of Cumbria!

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Students find 'footprints, DNA and bullets' as part of exercise

"We had no idea of the incident we were going to be given or the location.

"We've had a great deal of practice at the crime scene house but nothing quite compares to coming into the field to work with it."

– Benjamin Aitken, Forensic Science student, University of Cumbria

"This morning we were told there was a body found in the forest. We found when we got here there were various different types of evidence dotted around.

"We've got footprints, DNA, even a mobile phone and a bullet cartridge to look at."

– Jason Hamilton, Forensic Science student, University of Cumbria

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