Coastal Communities Fund open for applications

Bids are now open for this year's Coastal Communities Fund, with £4 million being provided for projects in Scotland.

The fund was created to encourage economic development and to provide sustainable growth and jobs.

Last year several projects on the Berwickshire Coast benefitted, including the Eyemouth Harbour Trust and the Eyemouth Museum Trust.

“Communities in the Borders such as Eyemouth have suffered in recent years from the continued restraints being put on our fishing fleets. It is therefore important that we continue to invest in these communities to ensure that they remain some of the most beautiful destinations in the Borders.

“I know that this fund helped out a lot of communities last year, and I am confident that it will do so again in 2013/14.

“I am confident that we can achieve similar success this year and I would encourage anyone along the Berwickshire Coast who needs funding for a local project to apply.”

– John Lamont, MSP