Cockermouth School pupils find missing space balloon

Cockermouth School pupils have found their missing space balloon- three hundred miles away.

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Cockermouth School's Space Project

ITV Border have been following the progress of Cockermouth School's space project.

At the end of January two balloons were sent into the air with the objective of filming the curvature of the earth.

The first pod was found within a couple of hours but the second had been missing - until now.

It was found floating on a fishing pond 300 miles away in Buckinghamshire.

Safely inside was the camera and their missing astronaut - a Lego man named George.

''It was absolutely insane I was just running round the house all evening going 'Oh my goodness we've got George back' I was so excited and I think everyone else was and we were all on the phone to each other saying 'he has come home, we are going to get it all back' and it was just really, really happy."

– Emily Douglas, Team UP

But the camera was not so fortunate, its view was obscured meaning the team had no pictures.

The team said they enjoyed the exercise and may even attempt it again - learning from their mistakes.

"We were hoping it would have captured some nice images of the curvature of the earth which was the initial brief that was given to us but unfortunately we had a little bit of a disappointment this morning when we opened the pod.

"We found that something has obscured the lens of the camera. We don't know what it was but unfortunately we didn't get the images we were after."

– Emily Douglas, Team UP

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