Farmers face possible EU subsidies cut

Farmers in Cumbria say they could lose thousands of pounds a year if subsidies paid by the European Union are reduced.

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"Farmers could lose thousands" says NFU secretary

Derek Lomax, Group Secretary of the NFU in Kendal, says farmers could each lose several thousand pounds.

He wants the British Government to reduce the amount it takes out of the farm subsidy pot for environmental works, which he says is higher than other countries, and believes the countryside will suffer if the proposed changes are made as they stand.

"If you look at the countryside and hills, this has all been created by farmers over generations.

"This is what the consumers out there tell us that they want to see so give money to farmers and they'll look after the countryside like this.

"If you give it to other schemes the countryside is going to suffer."

– Derek Lomax, Group Secretary of the NFU in Kendal

The governments of the EU member states and the European Parliament have until June to try to bring about compromises or change what is proposed.

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