Norovirus closes Dumfries hospital wards

Two wards have been closed at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary due to a norovirus outbreak.

A total of 26 patients and 5 staff members have reported symptoms of the winter vomiting bug.

"We can confirm that norovirus is circulating in the community.

"We would urge anyone with suspected symptoms to stay at home, drink lots of fluid and follow basic hand hygiene advice.”

– Elaine Ross, Infection Control Manager

The advice to public who want to visit the closed wards is:

  • Routine visiting to the closed wards is suspended meantime and members of the public seeking to visit relatives and friends in hospital are advised not to travel whilst the outbreak measures are ongoing - to avoid the potential for further spread.
  • Where circumstances are such that relatives are concerned about the need to visit their loved ones in the affected wards they are asked to contact the ward concerned before coming to the hospital.
  • All members of the public visiting other areas of the hospital are asked to comply with the hand hygiene and infection control measures in place.