Government to officially recognise historic counties

South Lakes MP Tim Farron has welcomed the announcement from the government that they are encouraging the marking and continued use of Westmorland and Cumberland.

A large number of counties were "administratively abolished" by the government in the Local Government Act 1972.

However, the Department of Communities and Local Government are to confirm that historic and traditional counties throughout England will remain.

Counties like Westmorland and Cumberland are now also officially recognised by the government.

"I hope the government will now use the terms Westmorland and Cumberland more often and support our historic counties.

"I will keep asking them to use the titles and to fly our flags on community buildings throughout our area.

"The next time there is a reorganisation of local government it is essential that there are moves to restore Westmorland and Cumberland as administrative counties too.”

– Tim Farron MP, Westmorland and Lonsdale