Could you live on £1 a day?

A business woman is trying to live on just £1 a day to help children in poverty.

Dumfriesshire woman lives on £1 a day

A woman from Bargrennan, near Newton Stewart, is living on £1 a day for five days to raise awareness of extreme poverty.

Ruby Marr is taking part in the "Live Below the Line" challenge, which is a campaign taking place in the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA simultaneously, with more than 20,000 people spending 5 days living below the line.

Mrs Marr has been raiding the reduced sections of the local supermarktes and grocery stores to try and find the cheapest food available.

She is raising money for UNICEF an has been finding the task harder than she first thought.

"In today's world, extreme poverty and inequality are unjustifiable and unfair. Live Below the Line demonstrates the problem in a concrete way, while raising money to address the problem.

"I have been browsing the supermarket shelves, buying the odd item to stick in the freezer - but seriously, to eat well, on £5 for five days, is indeed a challenge.

"It has been quite a learning curve price comparing. I am sure, after all of this is over, my weekly grocery bill will drop dramatically."

– Ruby Marr

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