Scotland's cigarette display ban

New legislation comes in today to ban larger retailers in Scotland from displaying cigarettes and tobacco products.

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Your thoughts on tobacco display ban in Scotland

ITV Border has been asking the public whether they think the tobacco display ban, which has been brought into place in Scotland (for large retailers), will help deter smokers or not.

Below are some of your thoughts.

Anne Ellerton from Cumbria said:

"I think it will maybe help deter kids from starting but not adults."

Colin Riddell from Galashiels said:

"The government doesn't want people to stop smoking they just want to try and show the public that they are 'trying' to stop people from smoking.

"The truth is they need smokers as they make a huge deal of money from the smokers with unrealistic tax on cigarettes."

"The only effect this will have will be on the staff who will find it harder to locate the items. It certainly won't put off current smokers in my opinion."

– Sharon Douglas, Jedburgh

"The only way it will affect is if they stop making them. I'm a smoker, if i cant get them then i wouldn't smoke.

"Keeping them hidden is not going to make a differnce as petrol stations and smaller shops don't have to cover them up so whats the point people will smoke regardless."

– Kerry Yule, Kelso

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