Villages concerned over Tour of Britain route

Villagers in the Borrowdale Valley in the Lake District are concerned that they Tour of Britain may have to be re-routed due to the state of their roads.

Borrowdale Parish Council say the road is riddled with potholes which are a danger to cyclists and motorists.

They are concerned the surface would not be safe enough for the world famous race which will see millions of pounds ploughed into the local economy.

Pot holes visible on the Borrowdale Valley road Credit: ITV News Border

ITV Border contacted Cumbria County Council about the condition of the Borrowdale valley road yesterday (8th May).

They said the road would be maintained as normal ahead of Septembers race.

This morning most of the potholes were filled in with tarmac by highways engineers.

The council has recently patch repaired some of the damaged roads Credit: ITV News Border