Nicola Sturgeon argues there is a 'natural majority' for Yes vote

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to undo "the worst impacts" of UK Government welfare reforms, particularly those affecting women, should Scotland vote for independence. She committed to changing the universal credit system which "discriminates against women".

Ms Sturgeon made the pledge during a speech on independence, shortly after Scottish Labour launched its own campaign for staying in the Union. People will vote Yes next year if they can be convinced Scotland can be a wealthier and fairer country, said the Deputy First Minister.

SNP will make a series of policy announcements over the coming months which will demonstrate how this can be achieved, she said. The SNP has already pledged to scrap the so-called bedroom tax should Scotland vote Yes. Ms Sturgeon argued there is a "natural majority" for a 'Yes' vote.

The new universal credit system discriminates against women. It undermines the independence of women. Unlike the current system, which makes payments to individual claimants, it will be paid in one single household amount which will, more often than not, mean to the man in a household,"

– Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister