Proposal to ban smoking in cars

A consultation is to be launched, to see smoking in cars banned in Scotland

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Proposed ban is "major intrusion into people's lives"

Pro-smoking lobby group Forest has questioned the need for a change to smoking legislation, after South of Scotland MSP Jim Hume proposed plans to ban smoking in cars with children.

"Most smokers are sensible enough to know that lighting up in a car with children is inconsiderate at best and research suggests that only a tiny minority still do it.

"Education has to be better than yet another law that would be very difficult to enforce."

"A ban on smoking in private vehicles would represent a major intrusion into people's private lives. What next, a ban on smoking in the home if children are present?"

“We don’t encourage adults to smoke in cars carrying children but legislation is out of all proportion to the problem.”

– Simon Clark, Director, Forest

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