Appleby horse fair 2013

The 2013 Appleby horse fair is officially underway with gypsies and travellers arriving from all over Europe

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Appleby horse fair "a relatively trouble free event"

Large numbers of people have been leaving Appleby as the annual horse fair draws to a close.

Cumbria Police say that the fair has been relatively trouble free, despite 40 arrests being made.

20 people were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm during one police operation on Friday (7th June), but arrests for the rest of the fair were relatively low.

The multi-agency strategic co-ordination group (MASCG) has been working with various organisations to ensure the fair was as safe and enjoyable as possible for all involved.

The MASCG have worked hard yet again to make sure Appleby Horse Fair was safe and enjoyable for everyone who attended.

“Despite some incidents on Friday, it has been a relevantly trouble free event, with everyone enjoying the sunny weather and getting into the holiday spirit.

“The MASCG understand that some local communities have had some issues this year and we wish to thank them for their patience and tolerance.

"We welcome their feedback and will use it to see what improvements we can make next year in an aim to reduce the impact this event had on our local residents.”

"As many visitors begin to leave the Fair, police are focusing their attention on local roads to ensure people can return home safely.

With more bow tops and horse drawn vehicles using Cumbrian roads on their journey home, officers are urging people to take extra care, reduce their speed and allow more time for their journeys."

– Superintendent Sean Robinson, Cumbria Police

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