Farm tackles world food problems

A research farm in Dumfries is attempting to solve some of the world's food problems.

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100 dairy cows used in groundbreaking experiments

One of the experiments involves a herd of 100 dairy cows Credit: ITV News Border

One of the experiments involves a herd of 100 dairy cows being fed with the by-products of other industries such as the brewing industry.

The animals are kept indoors all the time, which means they could even be reared in towns or cities.

The cows are also being milked three times a day instead of the customary twice a day, which increases milk yields by up to 15%.

In another experiment, 100 cows are being fed using only food that is grown at the farm.

That way the farmer would not have to bring in extra feed, which may have been grown in environmentally sensitive areas such as depleted rainforests.

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