Police crackdown on motorists in Borders

Around 250 cars, vans and lorries were stopped by Police Scotland yesterday (24th June), as part of an ongoing operation to identify and deter criminal activity.

Operation Overlord is an ongoing campaign aimed at cracking down on road offences taking place on the major routes between the north of England and the Scottish Borders.

The police were looking for people carrying out offences such as speeding, driving without a seatbelt and drink and drug driving.

Four people were arrested for offences including breach of warrants, 47 vehicle offences were detected and 36 Immediate and Delayed Prohibition Orders were issued.

Ten vehicles were also seized as a result of uninsured drivers.

"The majority of motorists who utilise the road network between Scotland and England do so while obeying the law.

"However, a small number of people use these arterial routes to commit crimes North and South of the border, or are committing a crime by driving in the first place.

"Police are keen to ensure drivers are adhering to the laws of the road and that their vehicles meet the required safety standards so as not to put other motorists at risks.

"It was also the purpose of this week's activity to make sure those utilising a vehicle for work purposes were not making fraudulent benefit claims.

"I'm grateful for the support and assistance of all our police colleagues and partner agencies during this operation, which highlights our commitment to tackling all forms of crime, wherever it occurs."

– Richard Latto, Road Policing Inspector, Police Scotland