Major funding boost for Citizens Advice Service

The Citizens Advice Service in Dumfries and Galloway has won a grant of £215,939.

The funding, awarded by the Big Lottery, is aimed at helping local people cope with the impact of the government's welfare cuts.

The money will be put towards developing more expert advice across the region over the next 18 months.

AnnaN, Upper Nithsdale, North West Dumfries and Stranraer West are the four areas that have been identified as having particularly bad problems.

These areas will be offered a home-visiting advice service to vulnerable clients, and four advisers will be employed to work with local support agencies to prevent people falling below the poverty line.

"The biggest priority of our service over the last few years has been to help those people who have been hurt economically by the double whammy of the recession and welfare cuts.

"The fact we have been awarded this money is a sign of how bleak things are for many people locally, and also of how D&G CAS has demonstrated that we are able to help them.

"The government says the most vulnerable people are being protected from their welfare changes, but that's not the reality that we see.

"There are many families who are struggling every day and facing real poverty."

– Sue Irving, Chief Executive, D&G CAS