YES Arts Festival programme

Exhibitions have been up and running across Selkirk and the surrounding valleys since Monday, but from today (12th September) there are a number of live events, including:

  • 'Creative Conversations' at The County Hotel at 2.30pm, Thursday to Saturday.
  • Lunchtime 'play and a platter' performances at the County Hotel in Selkirk from 1pm, Thursday to Sunday.
  • 'Haining Dreaming' dance production at Selkirk's Haining House at 7pm, Thursday to Saturday.
  • A poetry masterclass with Liz Lochhead at Aikwood Tower at 10am on Friday.

Art exhibitions can be seen at The Haining House, 1 Tower Street, No48 The Marketplace, WASPs Studio, Clapperon Studio and Andrew Elliot's Mill.

For more events and information, click here.


YES Arts Festival

Dancing, theatre, poetry and art are taking centre stage in Selkirk over the next four days as part of the YES Arts Festival.