Woodland for rent

A man from Dumfries and Galloway has become the first person ever to rent a woodland in Scotland.

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Pilot scheme will run for 18 months

"It's very hard to work in the woodland, there's not many opportunities to do so. I've put a five year management plan in so the first year is just generally tidying up.

"I'm not going to fell the whole place in 18 months, so I'm just cutting blocks here and there just to tidy it up a bit."

– Mark Rowe

"Mark will be responsible for 37 hectares of this woodland, he'll have to conserve and look after the trees but then he'll be able to fell them and sell them for firewood, and make a profit.

"The pilot scheme, set up by the Scottish Woodlot Association, will run for 18 months.

"It bases itself on a similar project in British Columbia which has been running for 30 years and is now an integral part of forestry management."

– William Allen, Scottish Woodlot Association

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