Dumfries flood defence scheme

There are mixed feelings from businesses in the Whitesands area of Dumfries over a new flood defence scheme planned for the area.

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Cafe owner says flood plans are "a waste of money"

"I saw a film, and it was horse and carts in those days, so obviously it's been going on for years and years, so you're not going to stop it all entirely anyway so why spend all that money?

"We don't like getting flooded, we moan about getting flooded and we want something done about it, but if you want the honest truth sometimes you wish for something and if you wish hard enough it can destroy you sometimes in a way."

"I think it's a waste of money, the money they're proposing to spend on it. OK we don't like getting flooded, but I would rather be flooded once or twice over a period of time and lose a days business because I'm probably going to lose my business altogether if they go ahead and do what they propose to do."

– Willie Potts, owner of Piccolo Cafe in Dumfries

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