Child's skull discovered

An ancient child's skull has been found on a farm in Stranraer. Farmer Jock McMaster was ploughing his field when he came across the scull, which is thought to be around 3,500 years old.

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Child was malnourished at time of death

One of the team looking at the ancient pit Credit: GUARD Archaeology

Archaeological investigations carried out by a GUARD Archaeology team found that the child was malnourished at the time of death.

Warren Bailie and his team found that the skeletal remains belonged to a child aged between nine and twelve years old.

Tests carried out on the remains showed that the child suffered from malnutrition, indicated by dental enamel hypoplasia (DEH) and cribra orbitalia, both childhood stress indicators.

A radiocarbon date test placed the child's death in the early Bronze Age period.

One of the ancient pits Credit: GUARD Archaeology

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