Scots are "biggest spenders"

A survey has found that people in Scotland are the biggest spenders in Britain when it comes to Christmas. The research by a debt advice website found 13 per cent of people plan to spend more than £1,000.

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24% of Scots will be in debt thanks to Christmas

Almost a quarter of people in Scotland will find themselves in debt as a result of this Christmas.

24% of Scots say they are expecting to end up in debt this year compared to 17% of English people and 20% in Wales.

A survey carried out by found that being the most generous spenders at Christmas is having a negative affect on many people in Scotland.

As 13% expect to spend over £1,000 this year, 62% admitted to overspending during the festive season.

The debt advice charity say the figures are worrying:

"That a quarter of Scots will get into debt this Christmas is very concerning. We don't advocate everyone stopping spending altogether and we all know that circumstances can cause temporary cash shortages, but we want people to think hard about how much credit costs people in Scotland, and how long after the New Year they will be paying for their Christmas festivities."

– John Baird,

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