Cash goes 'plastic' in Wigton

80 jobs will be created in Wigton at a company that will produce the Bank of England's new five and ten pound notes.

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Plastic banknotes: What you need to know

  • The notes are wipe-clean and can survive a hot wash
  • The notes are virtually impossible to rip
  • Polymer notes are able to fold
  • Governor Mark Carney led Bank of Canada when the notes were introduced there
  • Polymer notes are used in more than 20 countries
  • The first county to switch to polymer was Australia in 1996
  • A move to polymer notes would end 320 years of paper note tradition in Britain
  • Five-pund notes currently last for around two years
  • Polymer fivers would last for about six year
  • Old polymer notes can be recycled
  • The Bank expects to save more than £100 million over a decade from the longer-lasting notes
  • Polymer notes would be 5 millimetres smaller in both length and width than current notes
  • The new notes are said to be more difficult to forge

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