Independence Referendum Poll

The findings of our exclusive South of Scotland opinion poll, which is the first full survey of how voters in the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway intend to vote in the referendum.

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Better Together: "Poll shows Salmond has failed to convince Scots"

Better Together, the campaign against Scottish independence, said the findings of Representing Border's opinion poll in the South of Scotland was further evidence that Scots were not convinced by the benefits of independence.

59% of people in the South of Scotland would currently vote no to independence Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Archive

A spokesman said:

“This poll is further evidence that Alex Salmond’s White Paper manifesto for breaking up the UK has failed to convince Scots. Rather than give credible answers to people on key questions like currency, the nationalists chose to publish a wish list without a price list.

"By doing this all the nationalists have done is highlight what a huge leap into the unknown independence would be.

“It comes as no surprise that the people who live cheek by jowl with our friends, families and workmates south of the border do not want to turn them into foreigners. It is a clear message to Alex Salmond that people do not buy into his politics of division.”

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