'Felfies' from our region

Here's a selection of the region's best 'felfies' - 'selfies' taken by farmers with their livestock.

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'Felfies' taking the world by storm

Farmers from across our region, and even further afield, have been sending us their 'felfies'.

The internet craze involves farmers taking a selfie of them and their livestock.

Kathryn Hodgson from Shap and her lamp Credit: Kathryn Hodgson

The internet craze has proved so popular that it even has its own Facebook page with over 20,000 likes.

Tom Graveson from Hall Farm Orton sent us this 'felfie' with one of his cows Credit: Tom Graveson

Its a craze that's taking over the world, with one Border viewer even sending us her 'felfie' from Canada.

Kristen Hall from Butterfield Acres Childrens Farm in Calgar Alberta, Canada Credit: Kristen Hall

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