High streets or high stress?

A new survey by Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, Trailblazers, has revealed that many disabled customers are struggling to access shops and feel ‘invisible’ when shopping on the high street

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High street stores encouraged to do more for disabled shoppers

A Muscular Dystrophy Campaign group, Trailblazers, _is calling on UK high street businesses to consider how to improve the experience of their disabled customers.

A recent study carried out by the group found many young disabled people are struggling to access shops, cafés and restaurants in their local high streets.

The report, 'Short-changed’, asked 500 young disabled people what high street shops are getting right and what they could be doing to support their disabled customers.

Of the 100 who responded it was found that:

  • 75% felt forced or limited to shop online because of a lack of physical access in and around their town centre
  • Two thirds said physical access always or regularly affects where they decide to go
  • Nearly half say that staff attitude discourages them from revisiting local shops
  • 85% see disabled toilets, changing rooms or lifts being misused as storage space.
  • 70% believe there is inadequate access information on website

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