Windermere car ferry at risk?

A parish council is concerned the car ferry over Windermere is at risk.

Claife Parish councillors worry maintenance periods of three to four weeks between Easter and the Spring Bank Holiday will put the service in financial jeopardy.

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Residents 'have lost faith' in Windermere Ferry

Windermere Ferry Credit: ITV News

Anne Brodie, Claife Parish Council: "Local residents have lost faith in the ferry: it's not reliable, they don't know whether it's coming or going and it's breaking too often. Once every five years to overhaul the ferry is not sufficient - no bus company or train company would do that.

"They wouldn't be allowed to get away with it. There's no signs communicating with the general public about whether the ferry's running or not. And our means of communicating all these points have been lost to us because the County Council has chosen to axe the forum that we communicated in."

Cllr Anne Brodie, Claife Parish Council Credit: ITV News

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