Veteran skier beats Everest

Martin Jordan, 79, has completed a marathon adventure in the Alps to raise money for Theatre by the Lake in Keswick.

His aim was to complete a sponsored ski down the equivalent of the height of Everest.

In January he travelled to Söll in the Austrian Tyrol to attempt his challenge.

“I was initially joined by three friends, but carried on later by myself. This is when I ran into a fog bank and then had to pick my way. I was thinking to myself, ‘What are you doing here, you silly old fool?’ But I came out of the fog and skied down to the station from which we had started. Just as I got there the lift closed, so I took a blue run back down to the base.”

– Martin Jordan

His descent that day was 31,036ft (9,460 metres), topping his Everest target by more than 4,000ft, but on 30 January he went much further.

“I decided to go off on my own and just ski. I caught the bus at 8.10am, took the lift and started skiing at 9am. I had a couple of buns and a drink with me and went up and down the pistes all day. Each lift gate read my pass and a print-out at the end of the day showed I had done 41,435 vertical feet (12,660 metres). My total time was 447 minutes. When I saw the print-out, I was so elated I burst out laughing. Doing the equivalent of Everest isn’t all that impressive, but what I did on 30 January is. If it wasn’t printed, people would think I was telling porkies.”

– Martin Jordan

Money raised by Martin through sponsorship by Martin will be doubled under Arts Council England’s Catalyst funding scheme.