Parents and children urged to spot signs of sexual exploitation

Experts are urging parents and adults to be aware of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and learn how to spot the signs.

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Prosecutors: 'All child exploitation allegations will be taken seriously'

Police have outlined their commitment to successfully prosecuting offenders of child sexual exploitation.

It comes after a week long conference on the subject, aiming to raise awareness of CSE among professionals working with children.

“Child Sexual Exploitation robs children of their innocence and can have a devastating impact on their lives.

"The CPS, along with the police and other agencies, is wholly committed to tackling the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

"Wherever there is evidence of child sexual exploitation, we will seek to prosecute those responsible using all the available evidence to build strong cases against them."

– Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West

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