Historic cookbook now on display in Lake District

A cookbook from the 1600's is going on display for the first time at an historic house in the Lake District.

It provides a fascinating insight into the type of foods and home-made medicines that would have been used at the time.

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Recipes from Troutbeck in 1600's: Roast Pike

Take your pike and rub him well with salt, than take forth his Gutts and cut out of his belly. Then take a good quantity of sweet herbs.

If your Pike is large put in the greater quantity of all these things that are here named, a quantity of Garlicke, take some Anchovyse, and some butter and all sortes of spices beaten together.

Mix these and fill his belly full and for spike him on the spit, and that which spares of filling his belly, put it on a dish and a little wine, and baste him with it, then put all on the dish with him and send him up in that sauce, you may after put in a quantity of pickled Herrings.

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