E-cigarette kills dog

A dog in Cumbria has died after eating its owner's e-cigarette. It's prompted the vet who treated the dog to warn users of e-cigs to take care. The devices contain nicotine which can be fatal if eaten.

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Vet wants e-cigarette users to be more responsible

Laura McKirdy, a vet at Dalston-based Paragon Veterinary Group in Carlisle had to put down a dog which had chewed on its owner's cigarette device.

She said the dog she put down - which was a cross breed - showed signs of the effects of a nicotine overdose.

It had poor co-ordination and was sensitive to light, sound and touch.

She warned owners to treat their e-cigarettes in the same way as they would medicines and keep them out of reach of dogs or anything else that might accidentally eat them.

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