E-cigarette kills dog

A dog in Cumbria has died after eating its owner's e-cigarette. It's prompted the vet who treated the dog to warn users of e-cigs to take care. The devices contain nicotine which can be fatal if eaten.

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Vet warns e-cigarette users after dog dies

A vet in Cumbria is warning people to be careful with their electronic cigarettes after a dog died from eating one.

Laura McKirdy, who is a vet at Paragon Veterinary Group, at Dalston, near Carlisle, had to put a dog down after it had chewed on its owner's device.

So called e-cigs have got nicotine in them which can be fatal if certain doses are eaten.

She warned that dogs chewing on refills can cause an overdose of the drug, which can kill the animal.

Nicotine is quickly absorbed into the dog's system so its effects can be dramatic.

It will speed up the dog's heart rate and raise its blood pressure. The dog's nervous system can then be "overloaded", potentially causing death.

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