A75 to close for road repair

The A75 will be closed from 20th - 23rd June Credit: PA

Resurfacing of the A75, with improvements to the Castle Douglas Bypass, will continue and the road will be closed. Traffic will be diverted through the village from 7pm on Friday 20th June - 6am, 23rd June.

The method to repair the roads is called 'Crack and Seat' and has longer-term benefits to people in the region, says Scotland TranServ, working on behalf Transport Scotland.

The process involves removing the surface layer of the road and introducing hairline fractures into the base layer in order to allow for expansion and contraction during extreme weather conditions, which is why it's said to last longer.

The process has already been used on the Dumfries Bypass and the Annan Bypass and has been reported to have made significant savings in the volume of waste material sent to landfill compared with traditional road construction methods.